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Dental Cases

    Broken/Chipped Tooth

    A broken or chipped tooth could or could not be be as a result of a very recent trauma or accident.

    An immediate evaluation from our Dr could be necessary , because in some situations a minor procedure now can save you from a more significant procedure in the near future!

    The correction of a broken or chipped tooth could be one of the following:

    -- Simple enamel shaping ( in the case of a small fracture),
    -- Bonding or veener in the case of an anterior tooth, ( bigger fracture)
    -- Onlay for a medium fracture of a molar.
    -- Crown for a large fracture. In this case , if the fracture involves the nerve, Root Canal

    Therapy may be necessary before the tooth is crowned. And in case if the fracture is at the root level, we might need to do a small surgery called, crown lengthening.

    In extreme cases, a broken tooth cannot be saved. In this case, an extraction is needed.

    The missing tooth can be replaced with a bridge or an implant.