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Dental Cases

    Trauma or Accident

    What to do in case of emergency :

    -Tooth Knocked out : Do not wipe the tooth clean. Place the tooth in a glass of milk, if possible. If milk is not available, use a wet napkin or cup of water. See a dentist immediately.

    -Broken or chipped tooth : Remove the fractured piece to prevent choking and don't chew on anything hard. Call you dentist immediately.

    -Loose tooth : If you were hit by an object, call your dentist immediately. Many options are available to solve the problem. Tooth may be bonded to the uninjured teeth next to it for support until it heals. The tooth may turn dark and/or abscess after an accident.

    - Lacerated (cut) Lip or Tongue: Apply pressure to stop or slow the bleeding. If the wound is severe or doesn't stop bleeding, call your dentist or go to the Emergency Room at the hospital immediately. The wound may require stitches to stop the bleeding, prevent infection and to help it properly heal.